「The Earth Choir Project」Michael Vincent Manalo




The Earth Choir Project

In the perplexity of the constant chaos in the city, lies objects which were once important but now laid to the bowels of the city. Loud noises, low and constant drone sounds, soft thuds from afar, the clattering sound of pots, reverberations of a hammer; unnoticed objects lie sitting and waiting endlessly for them to be used for their main purpose unless another finds a greater use for them – a spiritual use.

The Earth Choir Project is a community-based experimental music project which will focus on seeking, collecting, and sampling objects from around the area, parts of machines which can be salvaged and even materials from rubbish bins which has the purpose of creating an experimental and interactive musical installation. Aside from this, self-made microphones and effects will be created, which will be able to amplify anything found, from leaves to the scraping of wood, to the static in machines etc.

Once the musical installation is installed, we can invite local residents, children or old to use the space and instruments to create music together also with the artist. Together with this, the residents or artists interested can use their voice to mimic the sounds of the objects within their surroundings which will result in an orchestra-like performance. It would also be great to collaborate with other artists who practices mediums such as dance, performance, voice art, poets, and others.

The goal is to increase the level of self-expression as these is mostly in a low-level in most cities due to the way people perceive public places. The project aims to inspire the locals and help increase the awareness towards the arts and music.