「NOMAD」-José Fernandes 駐村創作計畫

Formosa 3

From Tuesday 18 March to Thursday 10 April 2014, hundreds people occupied the chamber of the parliament of Taiwan, called the Legislative Yuan Lifayuan 立法院 . The activists protested the passing of a Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement without clause-by-clause review, with the belief that their representative democracy was not working properly.

As a nomad documentary filmmaker living in Taipei at the time,I could not stay indifferent to such a historical moment: from the very beginning of this event I started to document with my video camera what was happening. I know that my interest is not to make a political film or to discuss political decisions, but to make a film about the fight to preserve freedom, courage and resistance.

During my residency period i should organize a log of the material that i had shoot, the translation of the material from Mandarin to English and the classification of each shot. The first thing i do is looking at all the material and make an initial evaluation. This is a time consuming task because i have more than 30 hours of filmed material to analyze. I try to make some preliminary editing associations that may give me an initial idea of how the film will look, however at this point my goal is not to finish a film that requires several months of editing and post-production work. In this stage my goal is to work in the development of the project in order to prepare it to access the international documentary market. This procedure requires a project analysis and preparation of a professional file (note of intent, synopsis, visual trailer and treatment) for presentation to producers and broadcasters.

Formosa Pic