「Experience」Fiona Work Plan

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Work Plan
April, 2nd to April, 30th
Taichung is not a city I am familiar with in my past life. The image of Taichung in my
mind is built by media like news, websites, magazines and my short trip 8 years ago. I assume the Taichung image in my mind is not accurate. It is distorted or manipulated by media. I would like to use the opportunity to know the culture of Taichung and its residents. I am excited to meet with artists who work there and have conversations with them. This month will also be the time to prepare my project for the second month of residency in New Taipei City.

May, 1st to May, 31th
Ever since I moved to the Unite States, my family and I were separated by not only geographic distance but also difference in time zones. Even when Internet technologies give us convenient ways to communicate with each other, it is still not able to bring us to the same time zone. When we want to talk to each other, we have to first convert the time for the other side of the world. It gets confusing sometimes because California has daylight saving. I lose one hour in the summer time and get the hour back in the winter. Deciding which day to celebrate birthday and Chinese holidays are also difficult questions to me.

The experience is like living in two time zones all at once. It makes me interested in
investigating the systems of time, how people develop the abstract idea of time, and how they live with it.

I want to start a 168-hour photography project in New Taipei City. The rules are:

1. I have to photograph one picture every hour for 24 hours in a 7-day period.
2. At one o’clock, I have to take a picture of the scene on my one o’clock direction.
At two o’clock, I have to take a picture of the scene on my two o’clock direction.
At three o’clock, I have to take a picture of the scene on my three o’clock direction. So on and so forth.
3. I will announce an international open call to invite volunteers from different time
zones to participate in the project and follow the same rules above.
4. The final product will be an artist book of the fragments of time I (or we) collected in the 7-day period.

Give-back Plan
1. I’ll give an artist talk to present my previous work and discuss the concept of the 168-hour project and a photography workshop.
2. I can host a study abroad workshop to share my experience of studying art in L.A. at Pasadena City College and Art Center College at Night program and my journey in the MFA application process from choosing schools, developing an portfolio to interviewing with schools.