《Through the Roof|Adam Dupuis Solo Exhibition-Adam Dupuis個展》

through the roof edm 1080 x 367

展覽時間 Exhibition Time | 2016.04.07 – 2016.04.24
地點 Place | 自由人藝術公寓 Freedom Men Art Apartments
開幕 Opening Party | 2016.04.09,14:00


【藝術家簡介 Artisit Statement 】
Adam Dupuis 出生於1975年,從小加拿大的鄉間牧場長大。他在很年輕時即被超現實主義及各種奇幻風格的視覺藝術所深深吸引。然而,直到他發現英文版Métal Hurlant—一本主要風格為科幻及黑暗奇幻的法國雜誌,才知道在圖像的創作中有著更多的可能性。


Adam近期主要在帆布上創作,偶爾會進行插畫及壁畫的創作。他的創作主要還是以超現實主義的敘事方式為主。Adam現與伴侶及小孩居住於台北,同時也是二本餐廳 Herban Kitchen & Bar and 2rbn Culture的共同創辦人。

Adam Dupuis was born in 1975, in rural Canada and raised on a countryside dairy farm. From early on, he was drawn to surreal and fantastical worlds depicted in all kinds of visual art. However, it was not until he discovered the English adaptation of the French science-fiction/dark fantasy magazine Métal Hurlant that he became aware of the many possibilities and freedom inherit to creating images.

With his interest in creative pursuits growing, Adam enrolled in a Print Media Program in Ottawa, Canada. Although the majority of Print Media was digital in nature, he continued to develop and foster a more hands on approach in rendering images on his own. Eventually, he developed a style with the latter and continued to progress in that direction.

These days, Adam primarily produces, canvas work and occasionally illustration and murals. His subject matter consists of imaginative archetypical characters inhabiting surreal narratives. Narratives that are set within colourful limbos. Narratives that call to be explored.

Adam currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan with his wife and step-daughter and is a co-founder of Herban Kitchen & Bar and 2rbn Culture.


【展覽介紹 Exhibition Introduction 】
當你觀看作品時,你會發現每幅作品都包含了相似的創作元素 – 一再出現且懸浮於空中的房子,有時甚至會察覺房子上有雙眼睛正機警地盯著外界,但有時卻又消失得無影無蹤。這揭露了我們每個人都企圖在各方面試著達到心中的理想與平衡,無論對於外在或內在,生活或工作皆是如此。而最重要的是,在這過程中不要侷限自己,而是享受著每一刻的氛圍,隨著每一個當下的情勢而行動。


此外,這些房子也讓我們想起了關於家的意義。家,其實不僅僅局限於任何的結構。想想當你回到成長的地方,看看在你在你面前展開的街道,周圍環繞的山脈、潺潺的流水,這些都是所謂的家的一部份。而這正如同這次的展覽- Through the Roof 想表達的,我們應該拋開既有的限制及期待,爾後,會發現家往往比自己所認知的要更為寬廣。

As your eyes explore this body of work you will spot the reoccurring motif of a suspended house, sometimes with a watchful eye looking outward and other times without. It depicts
a balance of our intent focused both inward and outward. It represents the quest of the individual to achieve an awareness on all fronts. Do not settle or stagnate. Revel in the ongoing process of being.

The interesting things about houses are, that things dwell, are stored and constructed, many of which may seem inconsequential at the moment, but eventually and gradually they all play a part in making up the entirety of what it is. Positive or negative change is first fostered within and dependent on what we have invited.

In addition, these houses also remind me of the concept of home, and how it can extend beyond the confines of any structure. Think back to a time when you returned to where you grew up. Now, think of how you view the street leading you there, the mountains around you and the river running swift. It is all part of what you call home. As the title of this show implies, push “ through the roof”. Push past boundaries and expectations. Expand your definition of home.


【藝術家簡歷 Artisti CV】
Adam Dupuis (b. 1975 CND. )


2001 Print Media: Algonquin College, Ottawa, ON


2011 The Space Between, Hotel 73, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 The Eleventh Hour, Revolver Taipei, Taiwan
2012 Ebb, Lei Gallery, Taichung Taiwan
2013 Square the Circle, SLY Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 Your Armor, Swiio Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan


2010 Geisai #2, Huashan, Taipei, Taiwan
2011 Exposure #1 TAV, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 Exposure #3 TAV, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 Exposure #4 TAV, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 Peculiarity in the Pleasure Park, SLY Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 Exposure #5, TAV, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Free Art Taipei, Huashan, Taipei, Taiwan


2013 work critique, Culture Express, Issue # 152
2014 cover and article artwork, GuanXi, 2014 Fall Issue