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《食起》最初的味道 吳汶桀、李珮熏、林季萱、林承瑋、林紓卉、黃惠君、黃琮芳 柒人聯展

展覽日期|2/24 —- 3/13
開幕茶會|2/27 14:00



我們是一群「中國醫藥大學營養學系」的學生,對於公共衛生議題具有極高的熱誠,並參與過大大小小的衛教活動與食品安全抽驗等等。希望透過各種不同形式的活動,給予民眾一個良好的營養觀念並且讓他們能夠實際的運用在生活上。 身處在台灣這塊土地,自然對於這塊島嶼有特別的情感。見到現今的社會上,食品安全問題日益嚴重,除了食物本身的問題,盛裝食品的容器也狀況百出,這使我們著實感到慌恐,引發策畫本次展覽的念頭,希望可以透過本次的展覽,讓觀者能找回食物的本質,細心體會食材的美味並食出健康。又放諸國際,本屆 2015 米蘭世博以“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”作為命題,以「食物與營養」的觀點,探索現今糧食所遭遇到的種種問題。而身為營養學系的我們,如何在實務上與觀者對於食物概念的溝通,以及除了原有的呈現方式之外,拓展不同的族群與觀看方式。 談到我們的展覽主題「食起最初的味道」,現今繁忙的社會中,我們時常為求快速與方便,而失去的用餐的品質,又遇到接二連三的食安問題,引發我們策畫此展覽的念頭,希望透過本檔展覽,帶領觀者重新「食起」食物最初的味道,並且食出營養。

We are students from the department of nutrition of China Medical University. We have intense enthusiastic toward public health issue, and at the same time take part in various kinds of health-promote activities and sampling as well as testing food safety. We hope to give people a fine concept of nutrition and make them possible to make good use of which in daily life via providing different forms of activities.
Living on this Taiwan land, we naturally have special affection toward this island. Seeing that food safety has worsen nowadays, not only the ingredients itself but also all sorts of problems of the containers make us panic without doubt. We come up with the idea of this exhibition hoping to let participants find the way back to the original property of foods and tenderly experience the delicacy of food and eat healthily. When we extend our vision to the international, Milan exposition of 2015 used “feeding the planet, Energy for life” as topic, and at the same time applied “Food and Nutrition” as the main concept to approach all the problems which the grains today had faced to. As we are students majoring nutrition, broaden the communication and expand the view as well as ethics instead of using the original way of displaying.

 創作理念


1. 「食物」,在現今國際化的時代,食物的選擇變得更加的多元性,如何選擇良好的食材成為大眾的課題。然而台灣的食安問題接連發生,大眾對越多的食品開始失去信心,所以我們想將選擇良心食物的權力交還給大眾,並透過創作媒材來達到喚起觀者對於良心食物的認知,並擁有挑選良心食物的能力。

2. 「器皿」,過度使用塑膠器皿與餐具,是台灣現今所面臨的問題,然而塑膠器皿不只會造成環境的破壞,使用不當還會對人體產生永久的傷害,進而引發我們以「器皿」為題創作。透過與拉拉新村的合作,我們希望推廣竹製器皿與木製器皿,取代過多的一次性餐具的使用,讓我們回歸到台灣初期使用純樸器皿的年代、無塑膠製器皿的年代。

3. 「營養」,身為處理這方面專業的我們,希望可以透過展覽為大眾解決對於生活中營養問題或迷思,並且給予大眾良好的飲食策略的觀念與提供其自由選擇喜愛餐食的能力又不失所需的營養素與能量。

The exhibition is divided into three categories, including “foods”, “Utensils” and “Nutition”. 1. Foods: Nowadays in this international generation, options among foods become more various while how to choose good foods has become a public issue. However, public has already lose confidence toward foods followed by the continuously outbreak of food safety scandals, so we want to return the right of choosing safe ingredients to the public. In addition, we also aimed to evoke the participants’ acknowledgement as well as obtaining the capability of choosing safety ingredients toward safety food via creating mediums 2. Utensils: Overuse plastic utensils and tableware is a problem faced now in Taiwan. However, plastic utensils not only cause environment destruction, but also do forever harm to human body if improper used, and then further inspire us to create using the topic ”utensils”. By cooperating with Lala town, we hope to promote the concept of using bamboo-made and wooden tools for replacing the use of too much disposable dinning tools, which brings us back to the time of early Taiwan when people use simple, and non-plastic utensils. 3. Nutrition: As we are the experts in approaching the concerning problems, by displaying this exhibition, we not only hope to make it clear of the confusion and problems about nutrition in daily life, but also provide public with fine diet strategies and the ability of choosing favorite meals freely without overlapping essential nutrient and energy source.