Freedom Men Art Apartments take an open-minded stance toward art, offering artists a space with no presumption of art factions. Art exhibition applications will be accepted on a regular basis with flexible terms and conditions.

2016 Freedom Men Art Apartments 自由人藝術公寓 展覽申請開始



申請辦法(中文)Apply Regulation(English)申請表格(doc)

(一)簡介 Introduction of Freedom Men Art Apartments


Freedom Men Art Apartment offers artists an style-neutral alternative space for exhibition and performance without restriction on art genre. Adopting a more open and transparent way of application with no presumption, Freedom Men Art Apartment holds periodic open call for exhibition and performance. To carry out the aim, which is about offering opportunities for up-and-coming artists to show and display, Freedom Men Art Apartment curate an annual exhibition named “Super Novart”.

(二)申請資格 Qualification

1. 於中華民國境內核准立案之各類機構組織或中華民國國民,以及任何國籍之創作者,皆可提出申請。
Various accredited agencies and organizations that approved by Republic of China, nationals of Republic of China, and artists of any nationality can apply.

Types of exhibitions and activities without particular restriction.

(三)開放申請使用時間 Application Period

1.開放時間:週三~週日13:00 – 21:00
Open Hours:Wednesday to Sunday 13:00 – 21:00

Applications may be made to use the venue on 13:00 to 21:00 from Wednesday to Sunday, except for the national holidays, when the Freedom Men Art Apartments are closed for the preparation time and periodic maintenance.

(四)場地及費用說明 Explanation of Venues and Fees


(1) 1F空間 A  (一樓前半段)
1F Space A (the first half of the 1F )

(2) 1F空間 B  (一樓後半段)
1F Space B (the last half of the 1F )

(3) 2F空間

(4) B1空間

2.場地說明及費用計算方式 Description of venues and fee calculations:

展場出租費用一覽表  List of exhibition venues and rental fee
費用  (一檔)  Rental 費用 (日租)
Daily Rental
Types of suitable performance
13,500 4,000 完整展演空間,適合大型個展及聯展,挑高明亮,也適合動態展演及各種展演類型。
It is a venue for full performance, which is also suitable for large solo and group exhibitions. The space is high-ceilinged and bright, so it is also suitable for dynamic performances and various types of performances.
1F空間 B
5,000 2,000 有別於 1F空間A 之完整獨立空間, 1F空間 B 有特色天井和較為分隔之兩區塊,適合裝置各活動性質展演類型。
Unlike the first half of the 1F (1F Space A), which has a more complete independent space, 1F Space B has a distinctive patio and two separate blocks. It is suitable for the installation of each types of exhibitions.
1F空間 A+B (全部一樓) 16,500 5,000 適合綜合以上之大型展演活動類型申請。
It is suitable for large-scale exhibitions and activities of the above types of applications.
2F空間 12,000 3,000 中型獨立完整展演空間,在二樓較為安靜隱秘,溫馨,適合個展及小型聯展,也適合較私人之展演活動類型發表。
An independent, Medium-sized venue which is more quiet and secretive, suits for solo or small groups of exhibitions.
B1展場 4,000 1,000 小型獨立完整展演空間,適合多媒體,實驗性展演,適合初次展演發表者申請。
An independent, small venue     suits for multimedia and experimental performances. This venue is recommended to the first-time exhibition performer for application.
備註 Remarks:

One time block for a display is scheduled for three weeks (15 days, not included national holidays, Monday and Tuesday)

Continuous application deals (It is limited to application for expanded scheduled date. Discount for the first extra time block is 10% off, and the deal for the second extra time block is 20% off or more)

Make sure that the exhibition daily rental period is available.

This fee standards of venue only applies to 2016.



1F空間 A (一樓前半段)

1F空間 B (一樓後半段)



5.付款方式Payment and Deposits:

(1) 申請者須於接獲電子信函及電話通知指定期限內將租金繳交完畢。

Freedom Men Art Apartments will notify the applicant via email or telephone. After receiving notification, applicants must remit the venue rental fee before the due date.

(2) 另收3,000元保證金,俟撤展將場地復原,並歸還所借物品,經檢查通過後,無息退還。

The venues require a deposit of NT$3,000. Deposits will be refunded without interest deducted after an inspection has confirmed that the renter has returned all borrowed items and restored the venue to its original condition.


(1) 活動展演以日計算 :13時至21時,撤布展時間亦同。
The time block are counted by days. The venue opens daily from 13:00 to 21:00, as well as the preparation and clean-up time.

(2) 每一時段使用均應包括佈置及撤離所需時間,如需臨時增/減使用時段,或使用上述以外時段者,必須於使用前三日提出申請,並經藝術公寓同意且辦理繳費後方可使用。
Each time block includes preparation and clean-up time. If the applicant needs provisonally more / less time or the other session of time, the applicant have to apply for it 3 days ago before using. After recieving the agreement from Freedom Men Art Apartments and remitting the payment, the venue is available for applicant.

(3) 藝術公寓其他空間,優先提供予已租用場地者使用。
Other venues of Freedom Men Art Apartments will be given priorly to those who have already rented.

(4) 公寓將從年度申請展演者中,挑選五名新秀參與空間每年12月固定新秀策劃展Super-Novart超新星,並於隔年規劃參與Young Art Taipei。
Every year we will choose five up-and-coming artists to participate in our exhibition “Super Novart” in December and plan to join “Young Art Taipei”next year.

(五)申請流程 Application Process

1. 申請時間:2015年6月起至2015年10月31日(週六)止
Application peroid : The application begin from now to 2015 to 31st ,October, 2015.

2. 填妥附件表格,將紙本申請書,連同電子檔光碟,於週三至週日13:00 – 21:00 間親送或郵寄(以郵戳為憑)至自由人藝術公寓.
Complete the attached form and apply the form with digital file in CD to Freedom Men Art Apartments by yourself or by postal mail (postal mark as proof) during the opening hours(Wed.~Sun. 13:00-21:00).

Freedom Men Art Apartments will notify the applicant via email or telephone after the schedule is checked.

4.聯絡方式 Contact information:

Telephone enquiry service: +886 987-444-957

Address: No.594, Wuquan Rd., North Dist., Taichung City 404, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Welcome to visit Freedom Men Art Apartments to inspect the venue in person.

(六)取消與變更 Cancellations and Changes

After the application process is completed, if an unavoidable incident occurs, or for reasons that are the responsibility of both parties, (such as natural disaster, mass incidents, serious illness of major participants, equipment breakdown, etc.), leading to the venue being unable to be used at the agreed-upon date, the applicant may negotiate a different date with Freedom Men Art Apartments, or request Freedom Men Art Apartments for return of fees without interest.

In all cases other than those applicable in the previous clause, if the applicant cancels venue rental, fee payments will be returned with a 50% deduction of the deposit if notification of cancellation is given two months or more in advance. If the applicant doesn’t make the cancellation in advance to the scheduled event, no deposit will be returned.

3.申請者於使用期間有發生下列情形之一者,藝術公寓得制止其活動,已繳之費用概 不退回,且拒絕未來一年內再申請使用,如有任何法律糾紛概由申請單位自行負責。
If one of the following situations occurs during the venue rental period, Freedom Men Art Apartments reserves the right to suspend the event, without refunding fees already remitted. In addition, the applicant will be barred from applying for future use of Freedom Men Art Apartments venues for one year. If there are any legal complications, the applicant party will be solely responsible.

The content of the actual event differs from the content declared during application, or the venue is privately sublet to a third party.

Commercial sales activities take place on Freedom Men Art Apartments venues without receiving prior agreement from Freedom Men Art Apartments.

Applicant fails to pay additional fees within a specified period of time.

Applicant violates these guidelines and fails to improve behavior after receiving a warning from Freedom Men Art Apartments.

(七)損害與賠償 Damages and Compensation

During the period of venue use, if injury or death occurs to any personnel associated with the applicant party, unless the physical structure of the Freedom Men Art Apartments building is the cause of injury or death, the applicant party is entirely responsible; Freedom Men Art Apartments is not responsible for any medical treatment or compensation. The same is applicable to injuries caused by improper use of equipment or venue on the part of the applicant party.

Applicants must treat Freedom Men Art Apartments property and equipment with care. If any damage occurs during the period of use, or improper use leads to malfunctioning of equipment, the applicant party will be responsible for the costs of repairing or replacing the equipment, or the cost will be deducted from the deposit. If the deposit is insufficient to cover the cost, the applicant party will be charged additional fees to cover the difference.

After using the venue, the applicant party should return the venue to its original condition, and remove all personal items from the venue after use. Those items not removed at the end of the rental period will be viewed as discarded objects. Freedom Men Art Apartments has the right to process such items in any matter deemed appropriate without having to notify or appeal to the applicant party. Costs incurred from such processing and all resulting damages are solely the responsibility of the applicant party.

Please respect venue use time restrictions (including entry, departure and work time). Those applicants that take more time returning the venue to its original condition than the time for which they originally applied will be charged for an extra block of time based on the original fee standards; applicant parties may not object.

(八)場地管理 Venue Management

1.出入通行 Entry and exit

(1) 申請者之工作人員,未經許可不得進入藝術家工作及住宿區域,進出與工作應尊重藝術公寓藝術家之生活。
Work staff for the applicant party are not allowed to enter the artists’ residential areas. When entering, exiting and working, they must respect the living environments of the artists-in-residence.

If the event is an exhibition or performance open to the public, the applicant party should produce their own identity badges, which should be presented to Freedom Men Art Apartments to be chopped with the Freedom Men Art Apartments seal before use.

If the applicant party uses vehicles for transporting either passengers or goods, they may not drive vehicles into the Freedom Men Art Apartments without prior permission. Delivery vehicles must depart as soon as offloading is completed.

2.活動宣傳 Event marketing

Applicant parties are responsible for handling their own event marketing, ticket sales, information and other tasks, and may not use Freedom Men Art Apartments’ public information telephone service as a contact window.

Applicant parties are responsible for providing Freedom Men Art Apartments with marketing materials, which will placed at fixed locations in Freedom Men Art Apartments by work staff and the public may take.

3.場地維護 Venue maintenance

At the end of each work day and upon completion of venue use, applicant parties must clean up the venue and dispose of trash and other waste items on their own. When handing the venue back, renters must be responsible for returning the venue to its original condition. Freedom Men Art Apartments staff will return the deposit only after they have inspected the venue to their satisfaction.

If applicants carry in any outside electronics or equipment when using the venue, they must first negotiate with Freedom Men Art Apartments regarding how it will later be used, and may not set up equipment in a manner that creates difficulty in returning the venue to its original condition.

Smoking and chewing betel nut are strictly prohibited in all indoor areas of Freedom Men Art Apartments.


4.設備與人力 Equipment and Personnel

During venue usage, applicant parties must provide their own equipment and supplies, other than the equipment originally provided by Freedom Men Art Apartments.

Freedom Men Art Apartments only provides the venue and equipment, but does not provide human resources for decorating the venue, moving equipment, operating electronic devices, etc.


By applying for venue rental, applicant parties will be viewed as agreeing to all the aforementioned regulations.

Any other issues not covered in these guidelines shall be addressed by additional amendments hereof.


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